Who we are

Espaneti 2010 was created by David Sainz andArchil Liparteniani with the aim of bringing to Georgia the professional knowledge and experience that they have acquired in Spain for years.

Espaneti 2010 is a Georgian-Spanish company with offices in Barcelona and Tbilisi.

David Sainz is a Catalan architect with a vast curriculum as a constructor, architect and real estate agent.
Archil Liparteniani is a Georgian professional that knows very well the construction sector and the idiosyncrasy of Georgia.

What we do

Espaneti 2010 looks for Spanish companies that are interested in collaborating with them to supply professional services in Georgia

These services are requested through International Tenders which are cordinated by the Local Entities in Georgia and firmly supervised by International Financing Organizations.

Georgia has become a recipient of important funds aimed to the social and economic improvement of the country. Hence a big number of Development Projects are carried out nowadays in the Caucasian country. These projects imply a huge demand of professional services..

* In 2009, the magazine Doing Business ranked Georgia among the 15 best countries in the world for business.

  • " Our target is to built a network of experts to provide with the best professional the services required by Public Entities in Georgia. "


Local Position

We are located in Georgia since 2010 and we have a wide network of local employees and clients.

Language and local knowledge

In order to do business in Georgia the understanding of the language and the idiosyncrasy are essential.

Know-How Transfer

We transfer the experience of the best Spanish companies.

Strategic Network of Experts

Thanks to our network of professionals we offer a wide range of services.

Quality of services

Espaneti 2010 is committed with quality and best outcomes.

Logistical Support

The local position and experience makes feasible our extremely efficient work.


Contact us

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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